Get The Zoo Forehead Tattoo

The 10 Worst Tattoos Of All Time

We wanted to share some of the worst tattoos that we could find.  Once we got started we realized that 10 tattoos was just scratching the surface.  Maybe we'll do a follow up to this later on sometime in the near future.  ENJOY <click images to enlarge> … [Read More...]

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Fresh vegetable juices on wooden table

Is Juice Fasting & Dieting Really All It Is Cracked Up To Be?

Are juice diets and cleansing really good for you or are they just another fad that will pass in the night? These diets and cleanses can be as short as … [Read More...]

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Air horn prank on the wall

10 April Fools’ Day Pranks For Your Co-Workers And Framily

The old air horn under the office chair prank Air horn prank on the wall Tape a face to the inside of a copier prank Fill up a dozen donuts … [Read More...]


Who Is Pussy Riot And Do You Care?

Pussy Riot is a rock band from mother Russia.  They are a punk rock protest style group, made up of about a dozen adjustable feminist women.  The group was started in August of 2011 and the members range in age from early 20’s to mid to late 30’s. So what … [Read More...]

Jessica Szohr And Aaron Rodgers

Jessica Szohr And Aaron Rodgers Are Back Together Again. Does This Mean Another Packers Super Bowl Victory Or Something More Risque?

Jessica Szohr star of the “Gossip Girl” show which airs on the CW network is back in love with Aaron Rodgers. The last time these two were together was back in 2011. This could be happening because they are both feeling a little lonely with Valentine ’s Day … [Read More...]

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ends As 560+ People Become Deathly Sick From Poor Sanitation

After 10 days at sea the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Explorer of the Seas ended its journey. The reason for this abrupt end was that over 300 people including passengers and crew members became deathly ill with a gastrointestinal illness. The outbreak … [Read More...]


Jay Leno Getting The Boot From “The Tonight Show”

Jay Leno will be leaving the Tonight Show on February 17th and will be replaced by Jimmy Fallon.  Leno has admitted that this is not his decision and that he is terribly upset about it. The 63 year old night show host and car enthusiast said “I was … [Read More...]


Do You Think Bieber Will Be Somebody’s Bitch In Jail?

Justin Drew Bieber the pop star musician from the has found himself in trouble with the law again.  His “boy next door” persona is quickly becoming tarnished with his stupid ass antics and run-ins with authorities. This latest fiasco comes after cops in … [Read More...]


Married Man Being Hung Out To Dry By Lesbian Couple And The State Of Kansas

So there is a guy in Kansas who is being sued for donating his sperm.  Yep, he donated his sperm to a lesbian couple and now they are suing him for child support.  What is this world coming to? age 47 is financially responsible since he didn’t donate the … [Read More...]

Hunger Games

Hunger Came: Catching Fire Teaser Trailer Takes Flight

On November 22 2013 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will arrive in theaters. The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland. The official trailer was released at the MTV … [Read More...]

US Cyber Attack

LEAKED: U.S. Faces a Possible ‘Cyber-Attack’

Think about the hassle of someone hacking into your Facebook profile and posting some ridiculous comments. Now multiply that by a thousand, and what you get is the level of paranoia from digital specialists and government officials regarding the safety of … [Read More...]