5 Pictures to Brighten Your Day

The internet posses all of the knowledge in the world, and has limitless possibilities to improve our society in ways that have yet to be discovered, and yet we just use it to look at pictures of kittens.

If you are experiencing the blues, why not search for ways to raise your spirits again? These photos will help you forget about stress at home or at the office, and realize that your life is good as long as you are looking at cute kittens sleeping on soft things.



Sleeping Kitten

Sleeping Kitten

Sleeping Kitten


Taylor Luker is a fun-loving, animal enthusiast who does everything from hiking up a mountain side, to quietly reading the latest novel series. Her high school resides in Colorado Springs, CO, however her hometown roots are located in the lesser populated area of Camden, AL. Taylor has a dream to one day combine her interests in world cultures and writing.